The CBDistillery Review & Coupon Code 2019

CBDistillery is one of the few US based companies that has developed a global presence with many of their products now available on the uk market. They rose to fame in US primarily due to their CBD Vape Oils but people that have used their oral CBD tinctures and other hemp extracts will know that their entire product line up is top notch. In fact CBDistillery has one of the biggest CBD product range in the world with a massive selection of CBD Oils, Isolates, capsules,  topical creams and pet products to chose from. In terms of back round CBDistillery was born and bred in the cannabis epicentre of Colorado so you know the boast solid knowledge in this industry. The CBDistillery only sources organically grown, non GMO, pesticide free industrial hemp that is grown outdoors in healthy natural sun light. CBDistillery also offers a veteran discount and gives 10% discount on their whole range of products for  active and retired military veterans.

CBDistillery product range

CBD Oil Tinctures

Standard oral tinctures may not be the most popular CBD product this company is known for but according to numerous customer reviews they are highly effective. The tinctures are available in a wide range of flavours and potencies ranging from 250mg to a whopping 5000mg and range in price from 19$ to $240.

Vape Products

Many people agree that CBDistillery vape oils is what made this company famous. These oils come in a disposable vape cartrige or individual bottles that you can use with your own cartriges. Vape oils are available in a massive range of flavours and potencies 200mg-1000mg and priced from $25-$50. Be sure to visit CBDistillery official store to find out the whole range of these products.

Edible Gummies

CBDistillery offers tasty CBD gummies that contain 30mg of CBD per gummie and come in a box of 30, the price of these is just $60. You also have an option to select either their daytime gummies or night time ones.

Concentrates & Dabs

CBDistillery is also known for their potent CBD concentrates which have become popular in dab rigs and electronic vaporisers. These 99% CBD isolates are available in variety of different forms such as waxes, slab, powder and terpenes. Most come in 1gram vials and range in price from $15-$50.

Pet Products

CBDistillery hasn’t forget about the furry members of your family as they offer a dog specific 150mg CBD product for just $20. These tasty tinctures can easily be added to your pets wet or dry food and make it much simpler to give your dog some CBD.

Topical Creams & Lotions

CBDistillery offers a potent 500mg salve that can be applied directly to sore muscles and aching joints as well as a 500mg “CBD Define” skin care cream that can be applied to dry, damaged or cracking skin both of these products come at $50 a piece and can be combined with CBD lip balm for head to toe topical CBD application.

Do we Recommend CBDistillery?

Absolutely we do, with this huge range of products and worldwide reputation this company is a must to try out. Visit their official site to grab a nice deal that you will surely love.