Elixinol Review & Coupon Code 2019

Hello there, we are here with another review from our sunny office here in San Francisco. We are going to review a very well known American CBD brand called Elixinol . If you caught our last podcast where we had interviewed Dr Philip Blair who is working with the Elixinol CBD Company from Colorado. Elixinol are making high grade 100% pure CBD . Doctor Blair talks about body’s own internal endocannabinoid system which means we have receptors for these cannabis molecules inside our body and how powerful these external supplements can be at stimulating everything from the immune system to the thyroid to our own neurotransmitters and can help with things like chronic inflammation, sleep issues, cancer treatment and a wide range of other conditions.

Elixinol Products We Tried

We have indeed been testing the Elixinol product line for a couple of weeks and we wanted to share our experiences here with you. So we tested two products from Elixinol.

Pure CBD Tincture.

We tested it both under the tongue and in a drop of water. For a beginner a daily dosage of 15mg is enough but for cancer patients the dosage should be around 90mg per day. I took this before heavy workouts. So when John (our staff member) went to the gym He took this ten minutes before workout and felt better blood flow and endurance, so that was quite nice. This product has also helped John sleep better, he took it 60 minutes before bed each night.

Liposomal CBD Tincture

Means the CBD oil is wrapped in liposomal delivery molecule. What that means is it is much easier for the body to absorb the CBD Oil. The serviving size of this product is a bit different and is five pumps which you can take under your tongue or in a glass of water. We have noticed immediate uplift in mood. We found ourselves in a much happier upbeat and more energetic state.

Best Product from Elixinol?

If you are looking to try some CBD Oil then liposomal CBD tincture is must since liposomal delivery molecule really helps with noticing effects of CBD and it is also very easy to use. Start with a single dose of 5 milligrams  3 times a day and increase from there, that is what we did.

Do Elixinol CBD Products Work?

Here is a nice tip on how to track does this product help your sleep. Use a wrist fitness watch that has a function to track deep, light and medium sleep patters and then check the statistics via your mobile phone to track the imporovement of your sleep. That is what John did and it does wonders. We used garmin and sometimes fitbit fitness trackers for tracking our sleep quality and liposomal CBD from Elixinol does a great job. We also noticed heart rate improvement since taking Elixinol products.

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